Monday, September 3, 2007

"Quiero hacer contigo lo que la primavera hace con los cerezos."-P.N

I've been reading a few of my favorite Pablo Neruda poems lately. <3>
The man makes my heart melt.
"Quiero hacer contigo lo que la primavera hace con los cerezos."--Pablo Neruda
It's my favorite single line from a poem ever, because it's so perfectly poetic and romantic. *sighs*

Yesterday was quite the eventful day, and a good one at that. Mom & I went to Gabe's, were looking around, and suddenly, we turn to see Andrew Beal--stopped dead in his tracks, staring at us. Haha, it was awesome.

I tend to have that effect on men.
*rolls eyes*
Then last night I had a bad dream about Andrew, woke up and thought, "I must have missed him a lot after all!" then I rolled over, fell back to sleep, and forgot the dream completely.

Anyway, that was exciting. We also went out to lunch with my Grandma since I won't be able to tgo to our family reunion next weekend. Then, we had one final game of Clown Golf, where Dad actually won. O.O That never happens. Of course, Comic Relief Sarah (or Caddie as Chuckie called me all day) was annihiliated, defeated, obliterated, crushed, killed, slaughtered, etc, etc, etc. It was unfortunate, but we had a good time. Plus, I did end up getting a hole-in-one. (never mind how many holes I had to "take a 6" on. . . )

I drove most the day, except while Grandma was in the car. I am not that great of a driver, and I surely don't want to give the poor lady a heart attack!!!

I also made an evening trip to the store, with a few slight misadventures in between. Again, unfortunate.

It was a good day. Today, there is a little more shopping in store (oh the puns!), a trip back to motown, some more studying (ha, whatever.), and maybe a few phone calls. <3>

Hasta luego,
your favorite Sarah.

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